Associate Member Nominations

The following statement regarding appointment of seminar associates, and the privileges available to associates, was issued by the Office of the Provost:

Members of University Seminars who are from outside Columbia University are appointed as seminar associates. These appointments are made by the Director of the University Seminars on behalf of the President of Columbia University for a term of three years, which is renewable.

Seminar Associates normally have the doctorate or its professional equivalent, or have a demonstrated record of academic excellence or expertise in the area covered by their seminars.  Students may not hold this appointment. Regular attendance is a prerequisite for maintaining membership in a University Seminar. The appointments of seminar members who do not attend sufficient meetings each year are renewed only in special circumstances.

Associate membership is awarded only when the following has occurred:

  • The seminar’s chair requests the nomination.
  • The nominee completes a one-page Curriculum Vitae form provided by seminar. CV forms are available on The University Seminars website.
  • The seminar’s chair forwards the CV form to the central office along with a letter of nomination. This may be done on an individual basis, or CVs may be held and submitted in a group.
  • The director approves the appointment after review of the nomination and CV. In rare cases, the director may reject the nomination or request additional information before approving the appointment.
  • A formal notice of appointment is sent to both the seminar chair and the new associate.


In early summer each chair receives an electronic roster/worksheet of associate members whose terms will expire. This worksheet must be completed and/or reviewed and submitted by email to the central office before July 31, or the associates will lose their appointments. Reinstatement of associates who have lost their appointments will be made only after review by the director. Associates should only be reappointed if they have participated actively in the seminar by attending meetings and contributing to discussions.  Under special circumstances, e.g., sabbatical leaves, maternity leaves, teaching conflicts, etc., associates may request a leave of absence from their seminar without jeopardizing their status.


Curriculum Vitae Form for Associate Members Nominations

Membership Guidelines