HIV/AIDS in Narrative Memory Symposium

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HIV/AIDS in Narrative Memory Symposium
11/30/2017 4:00 pm
Sana Sajjad
Faculty House
64 Morningside Drive

Led by advocates, clinicians, writers, artists, and poets active during the peak of the HIV/
AIDS crisis to today, we invite you to join our conversation about how we remember and
story the beginning of the epidemic to almost three decades later.


Susan Ball is a physician who has taken care of people with HIV/AIDS since 1992,
and whose book about her experience during the epidemic, Voices in the Band: A
doctor, her patients, and how AIDS care changed from doomed to hopeful, was
published in 2015.

Michael Broder is a poet living with HIV/AIDS. His recent book, This Life Now, was
a 2015 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry.
Edgar Rivera Colón is a medical anthropologist who teaches in the Narrative
Medicine program at Columbia, and who trains HIV/AIDS activists in communitybased
research methods.

MK Czerwiec aka “comic nurse,” is a nurse and graphic artist, 2016, Taking Turns:
Stories from HIV/AIDS Care Unit 371 is a graphic memoir of her experience as an
HIV/AIDS nurse during the 1990’s in Chicago.

Deloris Dockrey, Clinic Director for Hyacinth Health and Wellness Center, Hyacinth
AIDS Foundation in Newark, is a long time HIV advocate and a person living with

Marcelo Maia is photographer living with HIV/AIDS . He is from Brazil and moved
to NYC in 1989 to study photography at the International Center of Photography.
His first photography book, Prometheus, was published in 1996 and he is working
on his second book, Eros.

Robert E. Penn, Jr. is a writer/producer and long-time activist for Black and gay
communities, who has lived with HIV/AIDS since 1982.

Drinks and Refreshments Will Be Served