None of CU’s resources, including electronic databases, may be used for for-profit activities.

Library Privileges

Free reading and borrowing privileges at University Libraries are available to all seminar associates. The Columbia University Identification Card (CUID) must be presented at the library door to gain access. Seminar associates may call the Seminar’s central office for instructions on how to obtain a CUID.

All University Seminar Associate Members have the following library privileges:

  • Physical access (with CUID)
  • Off-campus access to e-resources, or, remote access, with UNI and password
  • Borrowing privileges, no monthly fee.

For this to work:

  • You must be in the Columbia University ID system.
  • You must know your UNI and activate your UNI. See instructions below.
  • You must create a password for your UNI

If you don’t know your UNI, email Alice Newton: Include your date of birth in the email and the name of the Seminar of which you are a member.

TO ACTIVATE YOUR UNI, go to and select “Activate My Uni.” You will be prompted to accept terms and create a password.

Password issues will be addressed by CUIT staff at 212-854-1919 or by visiting room 202 Philosophy. But, please first go Manage my UNI before calling the central office or CUIT. Please note that Columbia University Alumni may need to create a password on the Alumni website.

Other things to know:

  • The password for each seminar associate must be recent – no older than six months. For security purposes, every two to four months the system will require you to change your password.
  • Users who are looking for a particular library database may use this page:
  • Best if the Google Chrome browser is not used
  • Some electronic books are only available to CU students

Dodge Gym Membership

Seminar associates are eligible to use Dodge Fitness center for a monthly fee with a valid CUID. For information on how to use these facilities, associates should contact the Dodge Membership office at (212) 854-2546 or (212) 854-2547.


Membership Guidelines