Membership Guidelines

Each University Seminar is a voluntary group of Columbia faculty, faculty from other academic institutions, and other experts who gather together in continuing interdisciplinary, round-table meetings for the discussion of the issues with which the seminar is concerned.


Membership in a University Seminar is by invitation only. An interested scholar may ask to attend one or several meetings and may decide to apply for membership. The formal membership categories are:

Members: Faculty and other experts of Columbia University with an interest in the issues with which the seminar is concerned.

Associates: Faculty and experts from other academic and non-academic institutions with an interest in the issues discussed in the seminar.

Associates and Members are nominated by the respective chairs. A nominating letter or email and relevant forms are processed by the University Seminars office. The director may reject an applicant on rare occasions for lack of qualifications.

Records of these two membership categories are maintained in the central office.

Each seminar may also designate the following informal categories of membership:

Guest Members: This category may also include persons under consideration for membership in categories A and B above or visiting scholars.

Student Members: Graduate students invited by their professors to participate in the seminar meetings on a regular basis with the consent of the seminar. This should be a very rare occurrence since freedom to speak and try out ideas unselfconsciously is an important element of seminar meetings. Seminars are for faculty level participants.

Records of informal categories of guest, and student, are maintained by the individual seminar.


Columbia Member Nominations

Associate Member Nominations

Membership Privileges