All payees must submit a tax form and an expense form in addition to receipts or proof of payment in order to receive reimbursement. Make sure all of the information on the expense form is legible, especially your email address. If there are questions or problems with your payment, you will be contacted over email. Follow the instructions based on your category below.

Schoff payments: Reimbursements to individuals and LLC’s are no longer permitted by Columbia University. Payments for services done by an individual for a publication, such as editing or indexing, must be paid directly by our office. Visit the vendors page for information on submitting invoices.


Not all foreign nationals are reimbursable. To check whether you may receive reimbursements from Columbia University, contact Pamela Guardia. Payable foreign vendors will be asked to submit a copy of their passport and/or I-94. Either document must indicate visa type.

Payable foreign nationals must submit a W8BEN form and a Non-CU Expense Form.


Citizens and Permanent Residents seeking expense reimbursement must submit a W9 tax form, an expense sheet, and receipts.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY AFFILIATES: Faculty, Students and Employees

All students and employees of the University that wish to be reimbursed for expenses incurred in conjunction with a University Seminars-related event, must submit a Travel and Business Expense Report (TBER), along with receipts, and either the seminar meeting invitation or the conference program for the event that took place. If this is the first time that you are receiving a reimbursement from the university, or if your address has changed since your last reimbursement, you will be asked to submit either a W9 or W8BEN tax form.


Travel & Business Expense Report
Non-CU Expense Form