Hotel Reservations

Rapporteurs must make hotel arrangements for a guest (if any) who is coming from a great distance in order to speak at a university seminar. When making a reservation, be sure that the hotel reservations desk knows that you are calling from The University Seminars at Columbia University in order to make sure that your accommodations are handled appropriately, and by the right people. Once your reservation is made, send all of the below information to Pamela Guardia so that payment can be arranged. Pamela will send a confirmation via email.

The list of hotels we work with can be accessed via the link below. Do not worry if the hotel mentions that there is no up-to-date contract between the hotel and Columbia University. Make the reservation anyway.

  1. Hotel Name
  2. Guest Name
  3. Confirmation Number
  4. Room Type and Rate
  5. Arrival Date
  6. Departure Date
  7. Seminar Number


List of Hotels with University Rates