PLEASE NOTE: Our charter forbids us to support a conference that pays honorarium, even if it comes from another source.

Occasionally, a seminar’s central concerns involve scholars too distant for regular participation or a seminar wants to engage a broader audience. On such occasions, the seminar may wish to organize a conference or public symposium. Conferences and public symposia on issues of paramount interest to the seminar members and the seminars community are an exciting part of the University Seminars.

In order for the Conference Committee to consider a proposal for a conference, conference guidelines must be acknowledged and a proposal must be submitted through our online system. Additionally, the conference must come from the work of University Seminar. All or some of the members of the seminar must be committed to being central to the conference and the organization of it, and members must agree on the basic need and goal of the conference. The seminar chair and/or selected members are expected to plan the conference (rather than graduate students or post-docs.) Conference arrangements must be made in a way that is transparent to the University Seminars office: i.e. copying the office on important communications.

Most importantly, The University Seminars’ charter forbids support to a conference that pays honorarium, even if it comes from an outside source.


To submit a proposal, click the link below. You will be directed to the University Seminars submissions site. Choose “Conference Proposal” from the list and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to review our Conference Guidelines and Procedures and download and complete a Conference Budget Worksheet and a Conference Funding Agreement Form.