Seminar Gift Accounts

Gift accounts currently offer a little extra flexibility to about half of our seminars. Our Charter forbids honoraria and dues; but members, foundations, institutes, or other donors can make monetary donations in the form of checks payable to “Columbia University,” or they may donate online with a credit card through The Columbia University Gifts System. Such accounts allow seminars to provide extras that the general fund cannot subsidize. For example: a seminar may wish to celebrate special occasions, invite more speakers, occasionally invite a speaker from afar, or, with Columbia’s approval, offer an extra night for a speaker.

Seminars may not have their own bank accounts, but our office can put checks and credit card donations to Columbia University in an account set aside for the seminar as long as the name and number of the seminar are indicated on the check or in the “notes” field for an online donation.

A seminar would not forfeit a fair share of the common budget by having a gift account! All seminars have access to the University Seminars’ modest travel and conference funds.

No administrative cost is taken out of any donation. Donations are tax deductible.

Donation checks should not be combined with dinner or parking costs. All donations are sent to the Alumni and Development office for processing and an acknowledgement is sent to the donor.

All donations are strictly voluntary and no seminar can offer any kind of quid pro quo.


Gift Accounts and Contributions Policy