The seminar chair appoints a rapporteur who, under the direction of the chair, performs all the duties required by the central office and the seminar. Rapporteurs are graduate students; on occasion undergraduates may serve as rapporteurs provided their appointment has first been approved by The University Seminars Director. Only rapporteurs who are full-time students at Columbia, Barnard, or Teachers College can receive a stipend.

Each seminar has its own internal structure.  In some seminars, the responsibilities normally associated with the rapporteur’s position may be shared with the chair or another member of the seminar. The University Seminars office, however, considers the rapporteur to be the seminar liaison, and expects the rapporteur to perform certain tasks and prescribed by the Rapporteur Guidelines and Procedures document.

For information on travel and business expenses and reimbursements, please refer to the Travel and Business Expense and Payments For a Good Or Service pages.

If you are a first-time rapporteur, please go to the New Rapporteur page for more on how to get started.