Meeting Logistics

A Room Request form for a given academic year is emailed to all seminars chairs during the spring term of the previous year. Schedules must be submitted via this form. Information from this form is uploaded to our reservation database. Chair and rapporteur information is also updated in our database, website and Directory. The central office will contact a chair directly if any of the dates requested cannot for any reason be accommodated.

Initial dinner reservations are also requested in the Room Request form.  See Meals for more information.

Seminars wishing to reserve Faculty House space should return the Room Request form rather than contact Faculty House directly. This will insure that a) the room charge is made at the special rate, and that b) The University Seminars will be billed.

Seminars that are not cancelled with 30 days’ notice are subject to a room charge fee. Seminars cancelled within 2 weeks of the meeting date, will be charged the full event amount including room, meals, and wait staff. Changes to your schedule must be sent to our office as soon as possible in order to avoid incurring any fees.

Parking is available in the Engineering Terrace Parking Garage for anyone attending a University Seminar. The cost is $15 (invited presenters of the seminars park free of charge). Supply the following information to The University Seminars office at least 3 days in advance. Make checks payable to Columbia University, with the word “parking” and the seminar number in the memo line.

  1. Seminar Number
  2. Guest Name
  3. Parking Date
  4. Estimated Arrival and Departure Times
  5. Car Make, Model, Color, & License Plate State and Number


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