Travel Arrangements

Travel and conference funds are limited. Travel funds are not guaranteed; do not book speakers before securing funding. To share costs, we strongly encourage seminars to begin and replenish gift funds.

Travel funds may be available if your speaker comes from a distance, but they are not allocated automatically. To apply for travel funding, send a request with a completed Travel Fund Request Form via email to the Director, Robert Pollack; and Deputy Director, Alice Newton;

Travel fund requests for the fall semester are due by September 8, 2017; for the spring semester requests are due by January 19, 2018. Please get your requests in as soon as possible before the deadlines. Keep us posted if things change later.

Do not invite speakers or promise travel funding without securing financial support first. We may be able to help with unforeseeable invitations at the last minute, but only if we know what our foreseeable expenses will be. Our policy is to pay for a coach ticket via our travel agent, and one night in a hotel, two if the trip is long or the speaker needs to rest.  The only meal we buy a speaker is the one shared with the Seminar group. Please make your guest aware of this. For speakers traveling internationally, we are always happy when a department, institute, or another institution also invites the speaker and shares the travel costs.

All travelers who have approved travel funding are required to use our travel agent, Jackie Dash, at Valerie Wilson Travel, for air and rail tickets. Be sure to copy The University Seminars office ( on all of your email correspondence with the travel agent.

Remember, there can be no honoraria from any source – no exceptions.


Travel Guidelines and Procedures
Travel Fund Request Form