Globalization, Labor, and Popular Struggles

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The seminar seeks to clarify the boundaries of what might be broadly understood as labor politics and the labor movement by examining theoretical and historical developments in order to clarify what has been learned and what needs to be learned in the current world-historical moment of global capitalist reorganization. Included in the purview of the seminar are broader issues in popular politics as well as forms of popular action that are often identified by such alternative labels as “social movements” or “contentious” politics. Presentations, by specialists from the academic and labor communities, focus on issues in contemporary labor and popular politics, on a thematic basis, in settings around the world, and bring to bear a strongly comparative focus, which challenges a common division between specialists on labor in the industrialized world and labor in less developed areas. Debate is facilitated by the provision of papers in advance.

This Seminar is on Hiatus for Academic Year 2017-2018

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