List of Seminars

Seminar NameYear FoundedSeminar NumberTags
The Problem of Peace1945403United Nations, international security, conflicts, multinational peacekeeping, humanitarian
Studies in Religion1945405religion, philosophy, anthropology
The Renaissance1945407Renaissance, thought, culture, history, interdisciplinary
Content and Methods of the Social Sciences1947411social science
Eighteenth-Century European Culture1962417political science, art, culture, history
Organization and Management1951423industry, globalization, management
Studies in Political and Social Thought1968427political theory, philosophy, public policy
American Studies1954429United States, history, literature
Medieval Studies
1954431culture, history, interdisciplinary
Studies in Contemporary Africa1956435history, colonial, gender, social science, Africa
Classical Civilization1957441art, archeology, history
Modern East Asia: China1957443politics, society, culture, China
Modern East Asia: Japan1960445history, Japan, politics, society, culture
New Testament1959451religion, christian, history
The City1962459ANew York, politics, history
Law and Politics1963465law, society, American
Knowledge, Technology, and Social Systems 1966467global, social systems, communications
Ecology and Culture 1964471global, nature, environment
The Study of the Hebrew Bible 1968473religion, Israel, bible
South Asia 1964477history, Asia, politics
The Ancient Near East1966479Near East, Eastern Mediterranean, archaeology, art, history
Studies in Modern Italy1966483interdisciplinary, political, Italy
Early American History and Culture1966491colonial, history, America, United States, early modern
Pollution and Water Resources: Scientific and Institutional Aspects1968495Apollution, regulation, resources, oceans
Slavic History and Culture1968497Slavic, art, literature
Israel and Jewish Studies1968501Jewish studies, Israel, history
Economic History1969503economics, history, political economy
Death1971507interdisciplinary, medicine, social sciences, culture
The Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas1970509
Innovation in Education1970511education, learning, society
Latin America1971515Latin America, history, economics
Population Biology1971521population biology,
ecology, animal behavior, genetics
Political Economy and Contemporary Social Issues1972523
The Middle East1971525Middle East, business, media
Appetitive Behavior1972529biology, ingestive, behavior
Culture, Power, Boundaries1972531global, culture, social science
The History and Philosophy of Science1973533history, philosophy, science, ecology
Irish Studies1973535Irish, interdisciplinary, sociology
Cinema and Interdisciplinary Interpretation1974539communications, film, media
Women and Society1974545interdisciplinary, women, history, feminist
Ottoman and Turkish Studies1974551history, Middle East, Turkish
Drugs and Society1975553cultural, society, dependency, chemical
Twentieth Century Politics and Society1992555social, practical, culture
Brazil1976557Latin America
Arabic Studies1977559
Human Rights1978561
Neo-Confucian Studies1979567religion, China, Japan, Korea
Shakespeare1982581Shakespeare, history, criticism
Southeast Asia in World Affairs1982583political economy, Asia, international
Ethics, Moral Education, and Society1983585education, society, philosophy, ethics
Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience1986603memory, neuroscience, science
Full Employment, Social Welfare, and Equity1987613politics, social welfare, policy
Iranian Studies1987615Iranian, Islamic, Middle East
Buddhist Studies1990629religion, Asian, history
Religion in America1997661religion, America, anthropology, history
The History of Columbia University1998667history, intellectual, Columbia
Language and Cognition2000681human nature, language, neurology, philosophy
Memory and Slavery2001689social justice, trauma, biomedical ethics, psychological resilience, slavery
Early China2002691Chinese, civilization, history, archaeology
Modern British History2004701history, Britain
Modern Greek2005703Greece, language, literature, culture, history, arts, anthropology
Early Modern France2005707France, history, literature
Literary Theory2005711literature, philosophy, politics
Cultural Memory2007717memory, interdisciplinary, culture, community
Injury Prevention and Control2007719injury, violence, emergency
Comparative Philosophy2007721philosophy, culture, South Asia
Theory and History of Media2009727
History, Redress, and Reconciliation2009729history, government, human rights
Japanese Culture2009733Japan, culture, tradition, iterdisciplinary
Sites of Cinema2010735cinema, theory, culture
Narrative, Health, and Social Justice2010737research, interdisciplinary, activism, social, justice
Columbia School Linguistics2011739language, linguistics, grammar
Global and Interdisciplinary Core Curricula2011741core, interdisciplinary
Complexity Science, Modeling, and Sustainability2011743complexity, sustainability, systems science, social-ecological systems, resilience
Catholicism, Culture, and Modernity2011745religion, Catholicism, tradition
Studies in Dance2011749
Religion and Writing2011751religion, interdisciplinary, writing, communication
Global Mental Health2012757global mental health, mental illness, well-being
Defense and Security2013759defense, security, strategic priorities
Beyond France2014763transnational, France, global
Logic, Probability, and Games2014765logic, probability, games
Human-Animal Studies2014769animal, human, interdisciplinary
Indigenous Studies2014771identity, human rights, Indigenous Studies
The Integrative Study of Animal Behavior2014773science, animal behavior, behavioral ecology
The Future of Aging Research2014775aging, biology, psychology, sociology, economics, demographics, public health
Affect Studies2015777affect, philosophy, feeling
Disability, Culture, and Society2015779
Sustainable Finance2016783financial system integrity, social impact investing, sustainable development
Energy Ethics2017785energy ethics, sustainability, justice, human rights, policy development
Material Texts2017787
Water in America2017789climate change, reservoirs, water crisis, human rights
Science and Subjectivity2018791science, subjectivity, technology, creativity, craft
Columbia University Collaborative of Community Programs for Youth & Families2018793higher education partnerships, anchor institutions, civic engagement, community development
Thinking Europe Now2019795