RapporteursSeminar NameSeminar Number
TBAThe Problem of Peace403
Fisher, Joseph AndrewStudies in Religion 405
Geel, Lien VanThe Renaissance407
Fisher, Joseph AndrewContent and Methods of the Social Sciences411
Bergevin, KatherineEighteenth-Century European Culture417
Naseem, Hamza
Organization and Management423
Zubia, AaronStudies in Political and Social Thought427
Amino, Leo "Genji"American Studies429
Quijano, CarolynMedieval Studies431
Sumah, YayraStudies in Contemporary Africa435
Simmons, JeremyClassical Civilization441
Shahaf, NatalyModern East Asia: China443
Schlachet, JoshModern East Asia: Japan445
Meverden, AmyNew Testament451
Koeth, Fr. Stephen M.The City459A
Vendell, DominicLaw and Politics465
Nair, NitashaKnowledge, Technology, and Social Systems 467
Dianderas, Eduardo Javier Romero
West, Daniel
Ecology and Culture471
DeLauro, DavidThe Study of the Hebrew Bible
Mridul, AnviSouth Asia477
Tamur, ErhanThe Ancient Near East479
Sbuttoni, ClaudiaStudies in Modern Italy483
Hamdani, YoavEarly American History and Culture491
LoPinto, JoannPollution and Water Resources: Scientific and Institutional Aspects495A
Haxhi, Tomi Slavic History and Culture497
Katz, Jordan
Israel and Jewish Studies501
Corban, RobertEconomic History503
Borges Nogueira, FernandaDeath507
Merkin, SophiaThe Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas509
Cha, Timothy
Innovation in Education511
Bedoya, Maria Jose Meza CuadraLatin America515
Babalace, Rosemarie
Population Biology521
Borges Nogueira, FernandaPolitical Economy and Contemporary Social Issues523
Simmons, EricThe Middle East525
Herzog, Musya Appetitive Behavior529
Barbalace, Rosemarie
Culture, Power, Boundaries531
O'Neil, SeanThe History and Philosophy of Science533
Bradley-Zrada, MelissaIrish Studies535
Wham, JamesCinema and Interdisciplinary Interpretation539
Igra, AlmaWomen and Society545
Halevy, Dotan Ottoman and Turkish Studies551
Newman, Laura
Drugs and Society553
Slezkine, Peter Twentieth-Century Politics and Society555
Queiroz, Gabriel Moura Brazil557
Hammed, Mohamed Wajdi BenArabic Studies559
Berge-Becker, Zachary Neo-Confucian Studies567
Lash, Alexander KPShakespeare581
Siranat, AphinyaSoutheast Asia in World Affairs583
Cha, Timothy
Ethics, Moral Education, and Society585
Akdogan, Basak
Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience603
Meiping Sun, Aggie Full Employment, Social Welfare, and Equity613
Zarrinnal, Navid Iranian Studies615
Xiao, XiaoBuddhist Studies629
Jungclaus, AndrewReligion in America661
Jamias, MarkThe History of Columbia University667
Ximo, Molly Tong

Language and Cognition681
Glasenapp, JohnMemory and Slavery689
Wang, Shih-hanEarly China691
Dubler, RoslynModern British History701
Haralambous, Chloe HoweModern Greek
Abele, CeliaEarly Modern France707
Wiet, Victoria Literary Theory711
Wurst, Daniella
Cultural Memory717
TBAInjury Prevention and Control719
Ramesh, JayComparative Philosophy721
Tarnowski, StefanTheory and History of Media727
Dembin, IdoHistory, Redress, and Reconciliation729
Komova, Ekaterina Japanese Culture733
Smith, Nathan

Sites of Cinema735
Recierdo, Angelica Narrative, Health, and Social Justice737
Shahaf, NatalyColumbia School Linguistics739
TBAInterdisciplinary Curricula741
Rhee, SophiaComplexity Science, Modeling, and Sustainability743
Mazewski, Matt Catholicism, Culture, and Modernity745
Wanner, BuckDance749
Ling, Han
Religion and Writing751
Hagani, Lauren
Wendt, Patricia
Global Mental Health757
El Sanadi, Suzanne AlexisDefense and Security759
Zuber, ThomasBeyond France763
Finley, RobbyLogic, Probability, and Games765
Margini, MattHuman Animal Studies769
Earl, AmandaIndigenous Studies771
Iqbal, Hamza NaseemThe Integrative Study of Animal Behavior773
Goddard, AnnThe Future of Aging Research775
Tsygankova, ValeriaAffect Studies777
Bowen, LizDisability, Culture, and Society779
Pertuiset, JulieSustainable Finance783
Donald, RosalindEnergy Ethics785
Eckert, SierraMaterial Texts787
Mridul, AnviWater in America789