Seminar Name
Seminar Number
Brockhoff, EdwardThe Problem of Peace403
Carlson, LianeStudies in Religion 405
Kuhn, JohnThe Renaissance407
Carlson, LianeContent and Methods of the Social Sciences411
Paulson, MichaelEighteenth-Century European Culture417
McNamee, JustinOrganization and Management423
Goodman, RobStudies in Political and Social Thought427
Albanese, Mary GraceAmerican Studies429
Wayno, JeffreyMedieval Studies431
Somotan, HalimatStudies in Contemporary Africa435
Hansas, MathiasClassical Civilization441
Zou, DongxinModern East Asia: China443
Schlachet, Joshua EvanModern East Asia: Japan445
New Testament451
Shin, K. IanThe City459A
McKenzie, MeganLaw and Politics465
Knowledge, Technology, and Social Systems 467
Angell, Elizabeth Ecology and Culture471
DeLauro, DavidThe Study of the Hebrew Bible
Narsimhan, DeepikaSouth Asia477
Hinojosa, AndreaThe Ancient Near East479
Palanti, AlessiaStudies in Modern Italy483
Herschthal, Eric
Lasdow, Kathryn
Early American History and Culture491
Pollution and Water Resources: Scientific and Institutional Aspects495A
Mortensen, Mie Slavic History and Culture497
Glasberg Gail, Debra
Israel and Jewish Studies501
Bautista González, Manuel A.Economic History503
Luis Lima, Alvaro The Art of Africa, Oceania, and The Americas509
Martin, Rebecca
Innovation in Education511
Vargas, LauraLatin America515
Population Biology521
Political Economy and Contemporary Social Issues523
Anziska, SethThe Middle East525
Herzog, Musya Appetitive Behavior529
Fox, Christina Culture, Power, Boundaries531
O'Neil, SeanThe History and Philosophy of Science533
Irish Studies535
Wølner Voss, MadsCinema and Interdisciplinary Interpretation539
Avlar, Billur Women and Society545
Wood, AnnaOttoman and Turkish Studies551
Drugs and Society553
Wertheim, Stephen Twentieth-Century Politics and Society555
Vargas, LauraBrazil557
Gupta, VivekArabic Studies559
Golebiewski, Daniel
Human Rights561
Lin, YaoNeo-Confucian Studies567
Drill, Esther Genetic Epidemiology577
Lash, Alexander KPShakespeare581
Truong, KimSoutheast Asia in World Affairs583
Martin, Rebecca
Ethics, Moral Education, and Society585
Williamson, Cait Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience603
Scientific Literacy/Scientific Frontiers611
Cobbs, Loren Full Employment, Social Welfare, and Equity613
Wood, Anna Iranian Studies615
Poletto, AlessandroBuddhist Studies629
Rock-Singer, CaraReligion in America661
The History of Columbia University667
Cobbs, Loren Globalization, Labor, and Popular Struggles671
Popkin, RonnaSexuality, Gender, Health and Human Rights673
Duan, Georgia Language and Cognition681
Brokowski, Carolyn Memory and Slavery689
Korolkov, MaximEarly China691
Disability Studies697
Igra, AlmaModern British History701
Radisoglou, AlexisModern Greek
Ripert, YohannEarly Modern France707
Albanese, Mary Grace Literary Theory711
Greene, Alyssa
Cultural Memory717
Vanderscoff, Cameron Injury Prevention and Control719
del Nido, Daniel M.Comparative Philosophy721
Jean, CyrielleModern Europe723
Weintraub, AlexanderTheory and History of Media727
Mahla, Daniel History, Redress, and Reconciliation729
Stilerman, Ariel Japanese Culture733
Boalick, Aaron
Mushinski, Matthias Domingo
Sites of Cinema735
Vanderscoff, Cameron Narrative, Health, and Social Justice737
Avlar, Billur Columbia School Linguistics739
Somotan, HalimatInterdisciplinary Curricula741
Complexity Science, Modeling and Sustainability743
West, Michael Catholicism, Culture, and Modernity745
Williams, SethDance749
Shulevitz, Deborah Religion and Writing751
Ghosh, ArunabhBig Data and Digital Scholarship753
Lesman, AliceWork/Family in the 21st Century755
Kelly, Patricia
Global Mental Health757
Jean, CyrielleDefense and Security759
O'Mahony-Adams, Pandora Beyond France763
Liu, Yang Logic, Probability, and Games765
Bae, Kyoungjin767
Castillo, TheresaIndigenous Studies771