Seminar Chairs

Seminar Chair(s)Seminar NameSeminar Number
Lee, Roy Ph.D.The Problem of Peace403
Carnes, Tony
Greenfield, Sidney
Studies in Religion 405
Pyle, Cynthia M.
Stewart, Alan
The Renaissance407
Carnes, TonyContent and Methods of the Social Sciences411
Coppola, AlEighteenth-Century European Culture417
Finkelberg, Howard
Norden, Peter V.
Organization and Management423
Johnston, David
Schwartzberg, Melissa
Studies in Political and Social Thought427
Silva, Cristobal
Stein, Jordan
American Studies429
Boynton, Susan Medieval Studies431
George, Abosede
Mokoena, Hlonipha A.
Studies in Contemporary Africa435
Lidov, Joel
Volk, Katharina
Classical Civilization441
Wooldridge, William Charles
Barnett, Robert Joseph
Modern East Asia: China443
Mimura, Janis
Koga, Yukiko
Modern East Asia: Japan445
Wasserman, Emma
Welborn, Lawrence
New Testament451
Keller, LisaThe City459A
Clingan, Edmund
Danielsson, Dr. Sarah
Kovaleff, Dr. Theodore
Law and Politics465
Spivak, Jerry
Greenfield, Sidney
Utsumi, Takeshi
Knowledge, Technology, and Social Systems 467
West, PaigeEcology and Culture471
Harris, Robbie
Keller, Sharon
The Study of the Hebrew Bible
Young, SerinitySouth Asia477
Dunham, Sally
Gilbert, Allan
Muscarella, Oscar White
The Ancient Near East479
Ialongo, ErnestStudies in Modern Italy483
Murphy, Brian
Anishanslin, Zara
Early American History and Culture491
Lo Pinto, Richard W. Pollution and Water Resources: Scientific and Institutional Aspects495A
Nepomnyashchy, Catherine
Smith-Peter, Susan
Slavic History and Culture497
Dauber, Jeremy
Schwartz, Seth
Israel and Jewish Studies501
Dye, Alan
Pak, Susie
Weiman, David
Economic History503
Staudt, Christina Ph.D.
Bartalos, Michael
Pellizzi, Francesco
Strother, Zoe
The Art of Africa, Oceania, and The Americas509
Cohn, Elizabeth
Gross, Ronald
McClintock, Robert O.

Innovation in Education511
Calvo, Salvo
Sabatini, Christopher
Vickers, George
Latin America515
Levandowsky, Michael
Nolan, Kathleen A.
Rubenstein, Dustin
Population Biology521
Gould, Carol C.
Green, Philip
Mongiovi, Gary
Political Economy and Contemporary Social Issues523
Sick, Gary
Potter, Lawrence
The Middle East525
Geliebter, Allan
Kissileff, Harry R.
Appetitive Behavior529
Achino-Loeb, Maria-Luisa
Antoniello, Patricia
Culture, Power, Boundaries531
Jones, Matthew
Smith, Pamela H.
The History and Philosophy of Science533
McGlynn, Mary
Byrne, Terrence
Irish Studies535
Lucia, Cynthia
Luhr, William
Cinema and Interdisciplinary Interpretation539
Rutledge, Jennifer
Majic, Samantha
Women and Society545
Philliou, Christine
Sohrabi, Nader
Ottoman and Turkish Studies551
Ohanesian, SusanDrugs and Society553
Dietrich, Christopher
Twentieth-Century Politics and Society555
Collins, John
Greenfield, Sidney
Penha-Lopes, Vania
al-Musawi, MuhsinArabic Studies559
Andreopoulos, George J.
Ergas, Yasmine
Human Rights561
Borrell, Ari
Jiang, Tao
Ng, On-cho
Sommer, Deborah
Neo-Confucian Studies567
Heiman, GaryGenetic Epidemiology577
Kisery, Andras
Staines, John D.
Murphy, Ann Marie
Patrick, Hugh T.
Werner, Jayne
Southeast Asia in World Affairs583
Schulman, Michael
Ethics, Moral Education, and Society585
Stern, Yaacov
Terrace, Herbert S.
Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience603
Delfiner, JeanScientific Literacy/Scientific Frontiers611
Collins, Sheila
Ginsburg, Helen Lachs
Goldberg. Gertrude S.
Full Employment, Social Welfare, and Equity613
Ashraf, Ahmad
Nowshirvani, Vahid
Iranian Studies615
Como, Michael I.
Moerman, David Max
Buddhist Studies629
Bender, CourtneyReligion in America661
Olinger, Jr., Chauncey G.
McCaughey, Robert A.
The History of Columbia University667
Bensman, David
Collins, Sheila
Globalization, Labor, and Popular Struggles671
Jordan-Young, Rebecca
Miller, Alice
Vance, Carole
Sexuality, Gender, Health, and Human Rights673
Remez, RobertLanguage and Cognition681
Jennings, Pilar
Pollack, Robert
Memory and Slavery689
Roderick Campbell
Guo, Jue
Early China691
Ballan, Michelle
Lewis, Colleen
Disability Studies697
Ortolano, Guy Modern British History701
Gourgouris, Stathis
Hadjipolycarpou, Dr. Maria
Modern Greek
Coleman, CharlyEarly Modern France707
Robbins, BruceLiterary Theory711
Hirsch, Marianne
Huyssen, Andreas
Cultural Memory717
DiMaggio, Charles J.
Injury Prevention and Control719
Gold, Jonathan
Sarkissian, Hagop
Comparative Philosophy721
Berman, SheriModern Europe723
Andriopoulos, Stefan
Elcott, Noam M.
Larkin, Brian
Theory and History of Media727
Barkan, Elazar
Levy, Daniel
History, Redress, and Reconciliation729
Shirane, Haruo
Lurie, David
Japanese Culture733
Gaines, Jane
King, Rob
Sites of Cinema735
DasGupta, Sayantani , MD MPH
Hurst, Marsha , Ph.D.
Narrative, Health, and Social Justice737
Gorup, Radmila
Reid, Wallis
Columbia School Linguistics739
Chung, Rachel E.Interdisciplinary Curricula741
Coleman, Peter T.Complexity Science, Modeling and Sustainability743
Force, Pierre
Polvani, Lorenzo
Catholicism, Culture, and Modernity745
Garafola, LynnDance749
Moazami, Mahnaz
Riedel, Dagmar
Religion and Writing751
Chavkin, Wendy
Hoffman, Carol
Waldfogel, Jane
Work/Family in the 21st Century755
Pike, KathleenGlobal Mental Health757
Collins, Nancy Walbridge
Long, Austin
Simone-Mahaney, Stephanie
Defense and Security759
Mann, Gregory
Saada, Emmanuelle
Beyond France763
Gaifman, Hiam
Parikh, Rohit
Logic, Probability, and Games765
Sells, MarciaArts and Science767
Boyd, Brian
Crane, Susan
Human-Animal Studies769
Povinelli, Elizabeth
Stamatopoulou, Elsa
Indigenous Studies771
Rubenstein, DustinThe Integrative Study of Animal Behavior773
Kogut, Bruce
Polleux, Franck
Staudinger, Ursula
The Future of Aging Research775
Dailey, Patricia
Mancia, Lauren
Affect Studies777