Sexuality, Gender, Health and Human Rights

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This seminar uses the new scholarship on sexuality to engage with ongoing theoretical conversations and activism in gender, health, and human rights. Pressed by the increasing recognition of the importance of sexuality in a wide range of advocacy and rights work (for example, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, and sexual violence), theorists and advocates alike have struggled with the complex, sometimes fluid and elusive nature of sexuality. What is this “sexuality” in need of rights and health? How does it manifest itself across a range of persons and cultures? And how can the body of culturally and historically situated work about sexuality be helpful to advocacy interventions? The seminar also turns a critical lens on recent scholarship in light of current issues raised by policy interventions and grass roots organizing in many countries and cultures. The seminar aims to promote dialogue and exchange between academic, activist, and advocacy work and is sponsored by the Program for the Study of Sexuality, Gender, Health, and Human Rights.

Rebecca Jordan-Young

Alice Miller

Carole S. Vance
Professor, Columbia University, Department of Anthropology

Ronna Popkin

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5:00 PM


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“New View Campaign” LA Times Op-Ed:

“Even the Score” Op-Ed Response: