The Problem of Peace

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This seminar is concerned broadly with the maintenance of international peace and security and with the settlement of international disputes. It considers specific conflicts and also discusses the contemporary role of the United Nations, multinational peacekeeping, humanitarian efforts and other measures for the resolution of international conflicts.

Professor Roy Lee

Ambassador and Professor John Hirsch

Huda Wajih

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.




10/11/2016 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:00 PM
Global Debate on Security and Peace: Implications for the Multilateral Governance System
Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, International Peace Institute

12/06/2016 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:30 PM
Peace with the 'Community of Life'
Nicholas A. Robinson, Specialist in Comparative International Environmental Law

01/31/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:30 PM
Iraq and Pakistan: Perception vs. Reality
Francis Randall, Historian, Writer, and Educator

02/21/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:30 PM
Election Results in the Gambia : Implications for Democracy in Africa
Ambassador John Hirsch, International Peace Institute