Twentieth Century Politics and Society

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The seminar concerns Europe, the United States, and the non-West. It brings together historians, sociologists, political scientists, literary critics, and other scholars to discuss current research on diverse cultural, social, and political theses, especially those that stimulate comparative perspectives.

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Professor Christopher R. W. Dietrich

Peter Slezkine

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.



10/11/2018 411 Fayerweather Hall, Columbia University
5:00 PM
Democracy in Exile: Hans Speier and the Rise of the Defense Intellectual
Daniel Bessner, University of Washington

11/08/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
Iran in the Age of Aryamehr: Late Pahlavi Iran and its Global Entanglements
Roham Alvandi, London School of Economics

02/28/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
From Mississippi to the Mekong: The Student Non-Violent Committee and the Movement Against the Vietnam War
Robyn Spencer, Lehman College, Brooklyn College, and the Graduate Center, CUNY

04/11/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
Democracy's Revenge: The People, The Powerful, and the American Political Tradition
Tim Shenk, Washington University in St. Louis and Dissent Magazine