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Since 1945 the University Seminars have been a vital and unique forum for the exchange of ideas at Columbia University and a center for joint inquiry among experts who might not otherwise participate in such an endeavor. I hope you will take this opportunity to ensure that today’s seminars continue to bring reasoned inquiry to the most vital issues of our times and bring those issues to a broader public through public symposia and scholarly articles and books.

The following initiatives would immediately benefit from your generous monetary donation:

PUBLICATIONS: Our Warner Publication Fund offers support to scholars who publish work derived from their joint efforts with the Seminars. Demand for this award has greatly increased. Your contribution would allow us to continue to sponsor the many scholarly books and articles that come out every year. Seminar-sponsored publications on a wide variety of topics and issues have been recognized as important contributions in their respective fields.

CONFERENCES AND PUBLIC SYMPOSIA: If a seminar’s central concerns involve scholars too distant for regular participation, or a seminar wants to engage a broader audience in its concerns, that seminar may organize a conference. Your support would enable us to co-sponsor more public conferences and events of paramount interest to the Seminars community.


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