Dear Chairs,

The University Seminars has taken into consideration all available information from the university to determine that the Fall 2021 semester will be virtual for all University Seminars. The fall will be a transition period to integrate the technology and resources necessary for an, expected, fully in-person, and hybrid-capable spring semester.

There are several factors that influenced this decision.

    • Lack of information about whether non-affiliates would be permitted on campus in the fall and the likelihood that visitors will not be permitted on campus.
    • The uncertainty of the availability of the Faculty House for seminar events or non-classroom use.
    • Whether food services will be available for groups of any size.

At this time, we are accepting schedules for the new academic year. It is reasonable to assume that the spring will be a “normal” semester and that travel into the city will be possible as long as the predicted trajectory continues. It is also reasonable to expect this to change if the conditions of the pandemic change in any significant way, however unlikely that is. The fall will continue to be a virtual semester.

Please fill out this survey so that I can understand your expectations and needs. If there is any additional information you would like our office to know, please include that as well.

If you would like to meet with me to discuss the new year, I am happy to hold an informal meeting.

I appreciate your patience and I am excited at the idea of seeing you all again soon.

Best Wishes!