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As scientists get closer to decoding the neural underpinnings of how people think, learn, remember, and make decisions, it becomes increasingly important to examine the conceptual assumptions that support this knowledge, and to weigh these discoveries against the social, ethical, political, and legal concerns that arise from them. To this end, the seminar brings together scholars in the arts, humanities and social sciences with those in neuroscience and related fields, in order to advance discourse and understanding of the social foundations and consequences of new neuroscientific findings.

Each seminar follows a public lecture in which three speakers from different disciplines give short presentations on the same topic, each from their area of expertise. The seminar is an in-depth continuation of this conversation, where participants can share preliminary data, evaluate hypotheses and establish new collaborations.

Professor Thomas M. Jessell

Professor Pamela H. Smith

Celia Durkin

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2:00 PM