Theory and History of Media

2009-2010: Archaeology of Media and Its Future

October 5
Giuliana Bruno, Harvard University
Film, Aesthetics, Science: Hugo Münsterberg’s Laboratory of Moving Images

November 16
Alexander Galloway, New York University
Three Middles
Respondent: Brian Larkin, Barnard College

December 7
Stefan Andriopoulos, Columbia University
Kant’s Magic Lantern: Historical Epistemology and Media Archeology
Respondent: Rosalind Morris, Columbia University

January 25
Lorenz Engell, Bauhaus University Weimar
Cinematic History: The Moving Image Writes its Past
Respondent: Stefan Andriopoulos, Columbia University

February 15
Ben Kafka, New York University
Withdrawal Slips: Paperwork and Parapraxis
Respondent: Rosalind Morris, Columbia

March 29 2010
Alessandra Russo, Columbia University
Categories as Movable Types: Travelling Aesthetics and Literatures of Art in the Iberian Worlds

April 19 2010
Brian Larkin, Barnard College
The Secular Machine: Radio & the Materiality of Qur’anic Recitation
Respondent: Arvind Rajagopal, New York University