Theory and History of Media

2011-2012: Aesthetics and Technology

November 14
Markus Krajewski, Bauhaus University
On Index Cards and Catalogs
Respondent: Reinhold Martin, Columbia University

December 5
Rosalind Morris, Columbia University
Gertrude Stein’s Medium: Narrative Image in the Age of Reproducibility (a Photographic Inscription)
Respondent: Katherine Biers, Columbia University

March 5
Richard R John, Columbia University
Postal Telegraphy:  The Politics of Memory in U.S. Media History
Respondent: Ben Kafka, New York University

March 26
Mara Mills, New York University
Reading Machines: Print Access and Media Change
Respondent: Brian Larkin, Barnard College

April 16
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Brown University
Imagined Networks, Glocal Connections
Respondent: Alexander Galloway, New York University