Arabic Studies

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The concerns of this seminar are interdisciplinary and humanistic. In addition to Arabic language and literature, the range of interests includes topics of significance for Islamic studies: religion, philosophy, science, law and history of the Muslim world, and modern social and cultural history. The seminar affords an opportunity to members and guest speakers to discuss research in progress. Because the members come from several disciplines, the substantive discussions draw upon various fields to expand the sources, help reformulate questions, and anticipate future publications.

Professor Muhsin al-Musawi

Associate Chair
Professor Sarah bin Tyeer

Mohamed Wajdi Ben Hammed

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.




09/20/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Spatially Oriented Arabic Texts: Place beyond Genre
Zayde Antrim, Trinity College

10/25/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Notes toward a Political Economy of Arabic Literature: from the Nahḍah to the Cold War
Elizabeth Holt, Bard College

11/29/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
The Paper Hippopotamus: Literary and Historical Knowledge in a 14th-century Arabic Encyclopedia
Elias Muhanna, Brown University

01/31/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Sympathy for the Troll: The Redemption of Kuthayyir in the Kitāb al-Aghānī
Kirsten Beck, Queens College, CUNY

02/28/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Diagnosing Insanity in the Modern Middle East: The case of ʿAṣfūriyyeh
Joelle M. Abi-Rached, Columbia University

03/28/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Arab Culture in the Digital Age
Tarek El-Ariss, Dartmouth College

04/25/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
2:00 PM
Interrogating the Sacred: Revisionist Religion, Agnisticism and Disbelief in the Modern Arab World
Ralph M. Coury, Firfield University