Beyond France

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This University Seminar focuses on the transnational material, intellectual and symbolic exchanges that have characterized the regions that once composed successive French empires since the seventeenth century.  The seminar will not be an exercise in colonial or imperial history, organized around the opposition between « center » and « periphery », but rather an exploration of connections and lines of fragmentation within that space. The goal of the seminar will be to explore not only France’s global expansion and retraction in the modern period, but, no less significantly, the after-lives of French empire in various post-colonies, networks, and institutions. Our goal is to map a distinct—but not isolated—world within the “globe,” one conditioned but not defined by France, its empires, its language, and its ecumene. Inherently interdisciplinary, the seminar will bring together scholars in the humanities and the social sciences from Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa in order to understand these complex exchanges that reach « Beyond France ».

Professor Tabetha Ewing

Professor Emmanuelle Saada

Madeline Woker

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.




09/23/2016 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:00 PM
Atlantic Creole Networks in Antebellum South Carolina: Marie-Adelaide Rossignol and Her Descendants
Pierre Force, Columbia University

Respondent: Christopher Brown, Columbia University

10/14/2016 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:00 PM
Rape as Metaphor in 1970s France: Algerian Histories and Feminist Struggles
Todd Shepard, Johns Hopkins University

Respondent: Tabatha Ewing, Bard College

12/02/2016 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:00 PM
Translating Art Education: The Beaux Arts between Paris and Cairo
Dina Ramadan, Bard College

Respondent : Madeleine Dobie, Columbia University

01/20/2017 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:00 PM
Public order and the Muslim 'private' sphere in colonial Algeria: Temglid Houria's divorce
Sarah Ghabrial, Columbia University

Respondent: Judith Surkis, Rutgers University

03/03/2017 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:00 PM
‘You Will Be Muslims’: Costume, Contact, and Conversion in Colonial Algeria
Jennifer Sessions, University of Iowa

Respondent: Emmanuelle Saada, Columbia University

03/24/2017 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:00 PM
To Speak, To Teach, To Revolt: Louise Michel and the New Caledonia
Carolyn Eichner, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Respondent: Gregory Mann, Columbia University

04/17/2017 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:30 PM
Native Informant : Messaoud Djebari and the French Imperial Information Order, 1881-1900
Arthur Asseraf, All Souls College, Oxford University

Respondent: Brian Larkin, Barnard College, Columbia University

Notes: Co-sponsored by the Department of Anthropology
04/28/2017 Maison Francaise (Buell Hall), Columbia University
12:00 PM
Fanon, Psychiatry, and the Decolonization of the Mind
Camille Robcis, Cornell University

Respondent: TBA,