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This seminar provides a forum for the scholarly exchange of information among key representatives of the chemical dependency research, treatment, prevention, and policy development communities. It seeks to address the important and complex questions relating to the root causes of chemical dependency and abuse, to examine and evaluate epidemiological studies, to determine the effectiveness of various treatment and prevention strategies, and to discuss the wisdom and value of current international, national, and local policies. Membership is comprised of prominent researchers, established leaders in the treatment and prevention fields, and government policymakers. Speakers in the seminar are drawn from the membership itself and by invitation from other institutions.

Dr. Frank McCorry

Carolina Leiva Ureta

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.

Meeting Schedule

01/21/2020 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:30 PM
Engaging individuals with ID/DD in Substance Use Disorders Prevention and Treatment
Jason Conover, AHRC New York City


The presentation will discuss ways to engage individuals with ID/DD in prevention and treatment, the use of creative arts interventions to enhance and support optimal learning with this population. In addition, there will be a conversation about the experience working in SUD treatment with individuals with SUD's and the multiple issues faced by this special population.

02/18/2020 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:30 PM
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders
Lipi Roy, NYU Langone Health


Co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD) and mental illness is a common phenomenon. Despite the high prevalence of both chronic conditions, treatment remains a significant challenge. Systemic stigma towards both conditions, sadly, is a significant barrier to care, particularly among marginalized populations who are disproportionately impacted by SUD and mental health disorders. Dr. Roy will share her experiences as a former primary care physician to Boston’s homeless population and as the former Chief of Addiction Medicine for New York City jails including Rikers Island jail complex. She will discuss current challenges as well as effective, evidence-based treatment strategies.

03/24/2020 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:30 PM
meeting cancelled