Human-Animal Studies

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The University Seminar on Human-Animal Studies is open to faculty and professional membership in the field of Human-Animal Studies. Vibrant new scholarship is emerging in this area of work.  The field’s focus is on how humans and (other) animals have interacted across cultures and histories: how the protein, work, and products derived from animals have contributed to human projects; how cross-species relationships have shaped human histories; and how animals’ imaginative and aesthetic roles in cultures are connected to the living presence of animals. Work in this field tends to be interdisciplinary, drawing on the social sciences and the humanities as well as on the already interdisciplinary fields of environmental and posthumanist studies.

Professor Brian Boyd

Professor Naama Harel

Evin Grody

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.



10/23/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:15 PM

Lindgren Johnson, University of Virginia

11/27/2018 Schermerhorn Extension Room 457
6:00 PM
The Question of Anthropomorphism, or Humanism Without Humanism
Sean Meighoo, Emory University

03/05/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:00 PM
Companions in Conflict: Animals in Occupied Palestine
Penny Johnson, Birzeit University in Palestine

04/16/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:00 PM
Animality and Fugitive Humanism in Nineteenth-Century African America
Lindgren Johnson, University of Virginia