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What can the study of language contribute to our understanding of human nature? This question motivates research spanning many intellectual constituencies, for its range exceeds the scope of any one of the core disciplines. The technical study of language has developed across anthropology, electrical engineering, linguistics, neurology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, and influential research of the recent era of cognitive science has occurred when disciplinary boundaries were transcended. The seminar is a forum for convening this research community of broadly differing expertise, within and beyond the University. As a meeting ground for regular discussion of current events and fundamental questions, the University Seminar on Language and Cognition will direct its focus to the latest breakthroughs and the developing concerns of the scientific community studying language.

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Robert Remez
Professor, Barnard College, Department of Psychology

Georgia Duan



10/24/2013 Faculty House
4:00 PM
Audiovisual Speech and the Primacy of the Multisensory Brain
Lawrence D. Rosenblum, Department of Psychology, University of California, Riverside
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12/05/2013 Faculty House
4:00 PM
On the nature of sequential representations for speech and word recognition
James S. Magnuson, Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut
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12/16/2013 Faculty House
4:00 PM
The Evolution of Speech and Music
W. Tecumseh Fitch, Department of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna (Please note the change in the date of this meeting)
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01/23/2014 Faculty House
4:00 PM
Rescheduled to 3/6: Articulatory reliability in child-specific phonology
Tara McAllister Byun, Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, New York University
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02/20/2014 Faculty House
4:00 PM
The architecture of spoken production makes use of both concrete and abstract representations of sound structure
Adam Buchwald, Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, New York University
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04/03/2014 Faculty House
4:00 PM
POSTPONED: Speech perception and speech production: Two sides of the same sensorimotor coin
Vincent L. Gracco, Speech Motor Control Lab, McGill University
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05/01/2014 Faculty House
4:00 PM
Julie A. Van Dyke, Haskins Laboratories
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