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This seminar is devoted to developing a better understanding of the region, presenting current research and thinking in disciplines that range from anthropology to economics, history, human rights, political science, religion, literature, and the arts. In addition to scholars affiliated with the academic community, speakers are invited from the private sector, international organizations, and governments. The seminar, whose membership also reflects a broad range of disciplines, offers the framework for a lively exchange of ideas on Latin America, its past, present, and future.

Christopher Sabatini

George Vickers

Maria Jose Meza Cuadra Bedoya

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.



10/06/2016 International Affairs Building, Room 802, Columbia University
7:00 PM
How the News Media Shapes the Security Agenda in Latin America: Perspectives from LAPOP's AmericasBarometer
Elizabeth Zechmeister, Director of the Latin America Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) at Vanderbilt University
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11/03/2016 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Colombia After the Referendum: Is there a Path to Peace?
Virginia Bouvier, senior advisor for Peace Processes and head of the Colombia Unit of the United States Institute of Peace. Adjunct professor of political Science at Georgetown University.
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12/01/2016 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
The Trump Presidency: What’s in Store for Latin America?
Richard Feinberg, University of California, San Diego and the Bookings Institute

02/02/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Media, Violence, Perceptions and Possibilities for Peace in Mexico
Mauricio Meschoulam, Universidad Iberoamericana & Centro de Investigacion para la Paz - Mexico

03/02/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM

04/24/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM
Acting Globally: Memoirs of Brazil’s Assertive Foreign Policy
Celso Amorim, Former Foreign Minister and Defense Minister of Brazil

05/04/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:00 PM