Latin America

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This seminar is devoted to developing a better understanding of the region, presenting current research and thinking in disciplines that range from anthropology to economics, history, human rights, political science, religion, literature, and the arts. In addition to scholars affiliated with the academic community, speakers are invited from the private sector, international organizations, and governments. The seminar, whose membership also reflects a broad range of disciplines, offers the framework for a lively exchange of ideas on Latin America, its past, present, and future.

Dr. Margaret E. Crahan
Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University, Institute of Latin American Studies 

Chair Emeritus
Dr. Eugenio Chang-Rodríguez
Professor Emeritus, City University of New York

Laura Vargas
Columbia University



10/03/2013 802 IAB
7:00 PM
Chile: 40 Years after the Coup
Dr. Peter Winn, Tufts University

Dr. Katherine Hite, Vassar College

Marianne González Le Saux , Columbia University

11/07/2013 802 IAB
7:00 PM
The Indigenous Emergence: From Underclass to Potent Political Actors
Dr. Rodolfo Stavenhagen, Colegio de México

12/05/2013 802 IAB
7:00 PM
Challenges by Leftist Democracies to the Traditional Liberal role of the News Media
Dr. John Dinges, Columbia University Journalism School

02/06/2014 802 IAB
2:00 PM
From Social Movements to Cabinets, Boardrooms, and Beyond: The Status of Women in Latin America
Dr. Jane Jaquette, Occidental College

03/06/2014 802 IAB
7:00 PM
Literature of the Dirty War in Argentina
Dr. Jorgelina Corbatta, Wayne State University

04/03/2014 802 IAB
2:00 PM
Current Trends in the Latin American Economies
Dr. Sara Calvo, Columbia University

05/01/2014 802 IAB
7:00 PM
The Globalization of the Latino Diaspora and its Impact on Latin America
Dr. José Moya, Barnard College