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The seminar in Modern British history brings together historians from the different New York area institutions, together with literary scholars, political scientists, philosophers and others working historically, to hear research papers by visiting scholars, to discuss recent significant books in the field of Modern British history (from the late 17th century to the present) or to comment on work in progress by members of the group.

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Professor Susan Pedersen

Lynton Lees

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.

Meeting Schedule

09/10/2019 411 Fayerweather
5:30 PM
Democracy, Idealism, and the State: The end of progressive politics in Britain, 1918-1939” Discussant: Alexander Zevin (College of Staten Island
Stuart Middleton, Warwick University

10/22/2019 411 Fayerweather
5:30 PM
The Townscape Movement and the Politics of Postwar Urban Renewal
Divya Subramanian, Columbia University

Discussant: Alison Isenberg, Princeton University

11/12/2019 411 Fayerweather
5:30 PM
Multiculturalism’s Myths about Blackness in Britain
Nicole Jackson, Bowling Green State University

Discussant: James Cantres, Hunter College

02/04/2020 411 Fayerweather
5:30 PM
Strains of Permissiveness, Fields of Force: Governing Intimacies Along the Railways of Colonial India
Amanda Armstrong-Price , Fordham University

Discussant: Eileen Gillooly, Columbia University

03/10/2020 411 Fayerweather
5:30 PM
meeting cancelled

04/07/2020 411 Fayerweather
5:30 PM
meeting cancelled