Pollution and Water Resources: Scientific and Institutional Aspects

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The purpose of this seminar is to explore the effects pollution and environmental regulation on water and related environmental resources. Proceedings of the seminar, collections of the lectures, are published yearly. To date, forty volumes have been published. Besides these volumes, the seminar has contributed over forty articles written in seven languages abroad and in the United States. The research institute of the seminar, the American Academy of Ocean Sciences, conducted research actively from 1969 to 1985. During the past thirty years, thirty-three graduate students have participated in the seminar and their participation has been credited toward their studies.

Professor Richard W. Lo Pinto

Joann LoPinto

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.



09/28/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:45 PM
US Trends in Water-Related Infectious Disease Rates Correlated to Climate Change Processes
Kimberly J. Taylor, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

11/16/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:45 PM
Determining Water Quality of New York Harbor: Using a Citizen Science Network to Test for Fecal Indicator Enterococci
Nina Hitchings, The River Project

04/12/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:45 PM
Exploring the Biodiversity of the Lower Hudson River through Seining and Eel Migration Data
Jason Muller, Sarah Lawrence College

04/26/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
7:45 PM
Restoring Urban Water Resources: Species Reintroduction (Easter Oyster), Regulatory Policy, and an Emerging Pollutant (Microplastics)
Beth Ravit, Rutgers University