Religion and Writing

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The seminar investigates the roles of literacy and writing in religious traditions.  Its goal is to serve as a research group for the comparative study of literacy and the uses of writing as a form of communication technology in world religions.  Approaching the relationship between religion and writing through the lenses of literacy and communication technology, the seminar strives to address all media – from inscriptions on stone and clay tablets to internet websites – and all literary genres – from myths and commentaries to divine revelations and hymns – as well as the theoretical and practical implications of the absence, or rejection, of writing.

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Dr. Mahnaz Moazami

Dr. Elizabeth Powers

Alma Igra

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.



10/02/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
Arabic Script and Popular Islam in the Southern Philippines
Richard Bulliet, Columbia University

03/12/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
The Increasing Reliance on Ritual Handbooks in Late Medieval Asheknaz
Rachel Zohn Mincer, visiting scholar, Jewish Theological Seminary

04/30/2019 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
Erich Auerbach's "Aufhebung": Figural Interpretation and the Nazi Era Church
Martin Elsky, Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center, CUNY