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This seminar explores issues of interest to current Shakespeare scholarship. Principal topics include the relation of play-script to performance, the implications of recent changes in textual study, the relevance of texts to the social and political world in which they were produced, and the impact of contemporary theory on Shakespeare criticism. A Bernard Beckerman Memorial Lecture is presented annually in honor of the seminar’s founder.


John D. Staines
Associate Professor of English, John Jay College, The City University of New York

Denise Walen

Alexander KP Lash

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.



09/11/2015 Faculty House
7:00 PM
"Ada Rehan, late 19th century actress: From Fame to Obscurity on the American stage." 2014-15 Beckerman Lecture
Irene Dash, Hunter College

10/09/2015 Faculty House
7:00 PM
"Character and Closure: The Finale of Hamlet."
Laury Magnus, US Merchant Marine Academy
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11/13/2015 Faculty House
7:00 PM
"Disgust, distaste, loathing: digital philology, cultural history, and Measure for Measure."
Benedict Robinson, SUNY Stony Brook

12/11/2015 Faculty House
7:00 PM
"'How Like a God': Apprehensive Shakespeare."
Adam Rzepka, Montclair State University
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7:00 PM
“The Myth of Orpheus and the Making of Knowledge in Shakespeare.”
Jenny Mann, Cornell (visiting NYU)
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7:00 PM
“My Life, My Company”: Amity, Enmity and Vitality in Marlowe's Edward II."
Garrett Sullivan, Penn State
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7:00 PM
Characteristic Becoming
Bradin Cormack, Princeton
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7:00 PM
“‘"Traitor"? How Now?': Treason and Fictions of Intention in Coriolanus"
John Staines, John Jay
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