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This seminar explores issues of interest to current Shakespeare scholarship. Principal topics include the relation of play-script to performance, the implications of recent changes in textual study, the relevance of texts to the social and political world in which they were produced, and the impact of contemporary theory on Shakespeare criticism. A Bernard Beckerman Memorial Lecture is presented annually in honor of the seminar’s founder.

Andras Kisery
Professor, City College, CUNY

Zoltan Markus
Professor, Vassar College

Ashley Streeter
Columbia University, English and Comparative Literature



09/20/2013 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Staging Early Modern Theater in Contemporary New York
Jesse Berger, Red Bull Theater

Jean Howard , Columbia University

10/11/2013 Faculty House
7:00 PM
A rose by any other name ... : Shakespeare and the Senses
Holly Dugan, George Washington University

11/08/2013 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Continental Shakespeare
Karen Newman, Brown University

12/13/2013 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Shadows, Visions, and Poetic Faith in Midsummer Night’s Dream
Rich McCoy (Beckerman Lecture), CUNY

02/28/2014 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Humanist as Maker
Katherine Rowe, Bryn Mawr College

03/14/2014 Faculty House
7:00 PM
The 'evil affection': Early Modern Tragedy and the Problem of Passionate Sympathy
Ashley Streeter, Columbia University

04/04/2014 Faculty House
7:00 PM
The (Mis)Fortunes of 2 Henry IV in Performance
James Bulman, Allegheny College

05/09/2014 Faculty House
7:00 PM
The Dead Indian and The Tempest (1613)
Gavin Hollis, Hunter College, CUNY