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The University Seminar on South Asia seeks to broaden and deepen understanding about the region of South Asia by providing a forum to discuss ongoing research as well as special topics related to the complex and multiple societies of South Asia both past and present. Drawing together scholars from many different disciplines, the seminar fosters cross-disciplinary discussion and perspectives on a broad range of questions and concerns. In recent years, the seminar has deliberated on such issues as: religion and politics, the political function of violence in South Asia, national integration, language and community, South Asian identities in pre-colonial times, religious iconography, and many other topics. The University Seminar on South Asia is a merger of the University Seminar on Tradition and Change in South and Southeast Asia (founded in 1964) and the University Seminar on Indology (founded in 1993).

Serinity Young
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Deepika Narsimhan

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09/21/2015 Faculty House
6:00 PM
The Poetics of Śiva Naṭarāja
Dr. Karen Pechilis, NEH Distinguished Professor of the Humanities/Professor of Asian and Comparative Religions, Drew University College
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10/26/2015 Faculty House
6:00 PM
IT Ghettoes: Indian Immigration and Segregation in American Suburbs
Dr. Puja Sahney,

12/14/2015 Faculty House
6:00 PM

Dr. Rachel McDermott, Barnard College

02/01/2016 Faculty House
6:00 PM
Bollywood ca. 1970:   a political future for India
Dr. Priya Joshi, Associate Professor of English, Temple University

03/07/2016 Faculty House
6:00 PM
The Conservative Animal: Racial Degeneration and Recovery in Colonial Bengal
Dr. Satadru Sen, Professor of History, Queens College and Graduate Center

04/25/2016 Faculty House
6:00 PM
Intimate Stones, Infinite Selves: Considerations of Materiality and the Beyond in the Ethical Formation
Dr. Hanna Kim, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Adelphi University