Sustainable Finance

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The transition to a sustainable economic system looms as one of the key challenges of the present generation. This seminar brings together academically-minded practitioners and practically-oriented academics to explore how the financial sector can play an essential and constructive role in funding this transition. The seminar touches on a variety of topics including social impact investing, the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into analysis, the financing of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and financial system integrity. It also explores the limits to sustainable development policies.

Dr. Satyajit Bose

Dr. Stephen Freedman

Hayley Mole



09/12/2016 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Introduction of Sustainable Finance Seminar
Stephen Freedman, UBS

Satyajit Bose, Columbia University

10/10/2016 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Natural Capital Valuation
Jeffrey Potent, International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
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11/14/2016 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Financial Data Science and Deep Data for Responsible Investors
Andreas Hoepner,
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Respondent: Stephen Freedman, UBS

Respondent: Linda-Eling Lee, MSCI Inc.

12/12/2016 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Integration of Health and Sustainable Development into Reporting Platforms
Derek Yach,
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01/23/2017 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Community Impact Investing
Steve Godeke, Godeke Consulting

02/13/2017 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Financing of Anaerobic Digesters and Other On-farm Sustainable Technologies for Dairy Waste Management and Materials Recovery
Steve Rowe,

03/06/2017 Faculty House
7:00 PM
The state of the art in impact measurement
Beth deBeer,

Kate Starr,

Dinah Koehler,

04/17/2017 Faculty House
7:00 PM
Financing the Energy Transition in the US
Geoffrey Heal, Donald C. Waite III Professor of Social Enterprise, Columbia Business School

05/08/2017 Faculty House
7:00 PM