The Art of Africa, Oceania, and The Americas

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Founded by Douglas Fraser, this seminar addresses major issues in the fields of African, Oceanic, Native American, and pre-Hispanic Latin American arts. The seminar provides an opportunity for members to analyze, evaluate, and discuss new and continuing research, as well as various trends in scholarship. Because the membership is comprised of art historians, curators, archeologists, anthropologists, and other field specialists, seminar meetings frequently involve in-depth discussions of theoretical and methodological issues. The seminar sponsors special symposia on diverse topics; the most recent entitled Art as Identity in the Americas.

Francesco Pellizzi
Editor and Co-Founder, “RES-Journal of Anthropology and Aesthetics”; Peabody Museum, Harvard University

Zoe Strother
Former Professor of Art History & Archaeology, Columbia University

Sophia Merkin

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.



2:00 PM