The Middle East

  • Founded 1971
  • Seminar Number 525

The seminar usually meets once a month during the academic year. A prominent expert from here or abroad, commonly from the Middle East, leads a four-hour discussion at each meeting, assuring ample time for seri- ous dialogue on focused issues. The seminar provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences by Middle East experts in various spheres—business, banking and investment, federal service, the foundations, the media, and the liberal professions as well as academia. The seminar has become a medium for carefully defined and informed evaluation of stubborn problems in a region that symbolizes mounting instability and proliferating crises. Detailed minutes are circulated to participating members for use without attribution to uphold the confidentiality of the discussion.

Chair Gary Sick Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University, International Affairs, and Director, Gulf 2000 Project, Columbia University Associate Chair Lawrence Potter Staff Associate, Middle East Institute, Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University, International Affairs Rapporteur Aline Sara



09/11/2013 Faculty House
5:00 PM
"Demands on U.S. Middle East Policy in a Time of Upheaval."
Paul Pillar, Professor, Georgetown University

10/09/2013 Faculty House
5:00 PM
"Oil for Food. The Global Food Crisis and the Middle East."
Eckart Woertz, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB)
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11/06/2013 Faculty House
5:00 PM
"Strongman Governance and the State in Afghanistan."
Dipali Mukhopadhyay , Assistant Professor, Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs

12/04/2013 Faculty House
5:00 PM
“The Obama Doctrine and the Future of U.S. Middle East Policy.”
Gary Sick, Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University's Middle East Institute; Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs; Seminar Chair, Middle East Seminar, Columbia University Seminars

01/22/2014 Faculty House
5:00 PM
"Saudi Arabia: Domestic Stability and the New Middle East Cold War."
F. Gregory Gause III, Professor, University of Vermont's Department of Political Science; Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Doha Center

02/19/2014 Faculty House
5:00 PM
"The Evolving situation in Libya."
Hanan Salah, MENA Researcher, Human Rights Watch

Deborah Amos , Mideast correspondent, NPR

03/26/2014 Faculty House
5:00 PM
"The Fog of Peace."
Giandomenico Picco, Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for Political Affairs

04/23/2014 Faculty House
5:00 PM