Pub Date2010
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World on Film

Martha P Nochimson

This uniquely engaging and lively textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to international film, from the golden age of European cinema to the contemporary blockbusters of India and Asia, and the post World War II emergence of global film culture.
Offers an overview of film culture in European countries such as France, Sweden and Spain, as well as Africa, Hong Kong, China, and India, in a clear and conversational style to engage the student reader
Provides a detailed exploration of the impact of globalization on international cinema
Includes a comprehensive companion website ( with an expansive gallery of film stills also found in the text, plus access to sample syllabi for faculty and a detailed FAQ
Addresses the differences in visual and narrative strategies between Hollywood-influenced movies and international cinema

Highlights key words within the text and provides a comprehensive glossary of critical vocabulary for film studies

Each chapter includes in-depth case studies of individual films and directors, cultural and historical context, selected filmographies, and ideas for projects, essays, and further research