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This seminar seeks to bring together scholars in the fields and subfields that have been touched by a growing interest in the emotional or affective experience, whether understood as embodied or incorporeal, emotional or impersonal, quantifiable or escaping measurement. This inter/multidisciplinary seminar on affect will incorporate a wide range of approaches and topics across disciplines and periods. We aim to provide a forum for a discussion of affect in the arts, sciences, history, psychology, philosophy, ecology, queer/feminist studies and social theory, among others, as well as a means to historicize how affect and emotion have served in religious, social, and political contexts in different periods and locales, from Antiquity to contemporary life. We feel that fostering interdisciplinary exchange on the question of affect is vital for understanding the many valences of affect studies’ vocabulary and concerns.

Professor Patricia Dailey

Professor Thomas Dodman

Professor Lauren Mancia

Alec Joyner

All seminars will continue to meet virtually through Fall 2021. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Meeting Schedule

09/24/2021 Online Meeting
12:00 PM
Refusing the Structure of Feeling
Lilian Mengesha, Tufts University


How do affects move in the wake of multiple and intersecting social-cultural violence? This talk will consider two contemporary Indigenous artists (Lara Kramer and Rebecca Belmore) to explore the trajectory of difficult affects as a decolonial response to settler colonial violence.

11/19/2021 Online Meeting
12:00 PM
meeting postponed

02/04/2022 Location TBD
12:30 PM

Nadia Abu El-Haj, Columbia University

03/04/2022 Location TBD
12:30 PM

Donovan Schaefer, University of Pennsylvania

Location TBD
12:30 PM

Maggie Hennefeld, University of Minnesota

Notes: April Date TBA