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The seminar draws from the faculty of New York-area universities and independent scholars; regular participants come from as far away as Baltimore. Attendance varies from twenty to forty-five people, with thirty being average. Half of the speakers are from within the seminar, half are from outside. They present works in progress that generally address important groundbreaking topics in film and media studies within an interdisciplinary perspective. Most sessions have a respondent, often a regular member of the seminar. The seminar has an international reputation among film and media scholars and has become the center for ongoing face-to-face scholarly exchanges in the field.

Professor Cynthia Lucia

Professor William Luhr

Joseph Fischer

All seminars will meet over Zoom for the 2020-2021 academic year. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. 

Meeting Schedule

09/24/2020 Online Meeting
7:00 PM
Quick, Quick—Like a Bunny! The Ink and Paint Machine, Female Labor, and Color Production at Disney during the Classical Era
Kirsten Moana Thompson, Seattle University

Respondent: Joshua Yumibe, Michigan State University

10/08/2020 Online Meeting
7:00 PM
Perpetual Motion: Mobility, Precarity, and Slow Death Cinema
Pamela Wojcik, University of Notre Dame

Respondent: Dana Polan, New York University

11/05/2020 Online Meeting
7:00 PM
Vengeance is Mine: Considering Emotion and the Cinema
Lucy Fischer, University of Pittsburgh

Respondent: Krin Gabbard, SUNY Stony Brook

12/03/2020 Online Meeting
7:00 PM
Empathy in an Avant-garde Film: Sergei Eisenstein on Spectators’ Embodiment and Estrangement
Ana Hedberg Olenina, Arizona State University

Respondent: Michael Kunichika, Amherst College

01/21/2021 Online Meeting
7:00 PM
On Vivid Colors and Afrotypes in African and Diasporic Cinema
Joshua Yumibe, Michigan State University

Respondent: Kirsten Moana Thompson, Seattle University

02/11/2021 Online Meeting
7:00 PM


03/01/2021 Online Meeting
7:00 PM


04/08/2021 Online Meeting
7:00 PM