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The Columbia University Seminar on Defense and Security (CSDS) advances understanding of global military issues through sustained analysis. The seminar addresses the most urgent problems of our time; assesses strategies to resolve, mitigate, and meet these challenges; and initiates specific courses of action.

Professor Nancy Walbridge Collins

Kirill Buskirk

All seminars will meet over Zoom for the 2020-2021 academic year. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. 

Meeting Schedule

09/30/2020 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Ned Parker, Reuters

10/14/2020 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Jennifer Robards, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

10/28/2020 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Dan Keyserling, Alphabet

11/11/2020 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Joseph Helman, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

01/27/2021 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Hise Gibson, US Military Academy

02/24/2021 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Michael O'Hara, US Naval War College

03/10/2021 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Robert Bradford, US Army War College

04/07/2021 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Michael Zenko, McChrystal Group