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Columbia’s Defense and Security Studies (DSS) advances understanding of global military issues through sustained analysis. Through its research and programming, DSS addresses the most urgent problems of our time; assesses strategies to resolve, mitigate, and meet these challenges; and initiates specific courses of action. DSS emphasizes interdisciplinary scholarship, integrating the work of several fields, to include history, anthropology, sociology, engineering, political science, and economics.

Professor Nancy Walbridge Collins

Thomas Rowland

Meeting Schedule

09/28/2021 Panel (Virtual)
1:00 PM
New Investments in Emerging Technologies

11/09/2021 Panel (Virtual)
1:00 PM
Software Development in National Defense

01/25/2022 Workshop (Virtual)
12:00 PM
Advanced Research Capabilities in U.S. National Security

02/22/2022 Workshop (Virtual)
12:30 PM
Emerging Military Technologies in the Use of Force

04/08/2022 Conference (Faculty House)
9:00 AM
Defense & Security 2022

Notes: Full Day Conference