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This seminar aspires to spark and to sustain new scholarship in drama, theatre, and performance studies, recognizing that such research frequently spans disciplines. The seminar features the full spectrum of research in drama, theatre, and performance, while focusing particularly on three areas of scholarship: first, critical methods in the study of drama, theatre, and performance; second, work that probes the intersection of performance and literary or textual practice; and third, theatre and performance cultures in and around New York City. We aim to facilitate critical engagement among scholars from multiple fields — including cultural studies, dance studies, history, anthropology, sociology, and classics — and to support generative, cross-disciplinary encounters with current research. The seminar also connects issues of concern to theatre and performance artists and critics with emerging scholarship on these subjects.

Shonni Enelow

Rebecca Kastleman

Derek Miller

Adrian Guo Silver

Meeting Schedule

09/28/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
Roundtable and welcome event
Sebastián Calderón Bentin, New York University

María José Conreras Lorenzini, Columbia University

Derek Miller, Harvard University

Hillary Miller, Queens College, CUNY

11/30/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM

Kimberley Jannarone, Yale University

02/29/2024 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM

Julia Jarcho, Brown University

03/21/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM

Brian Herrera, Princeton University

04/25/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM

Jean Howard, Columbia University