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The seminar focuses on early Chinese civilization from the Neolithic Age to the Han Dynasty and brings together scholars from all Early China related fields: history, archaeology, art history, literature and language, religion and philosophy. The seminar will facilitate interregional exchanges by inviting distinguished Sinologists from other parts of the country, and will publicize new archaeological discoveries.

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Professor Glenda Chao

Professor Ethan Harkness

Crismon Lewis

All seminars will continue to meet virtually through February 2022. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Meeting Schedule

10/08/2021 Online Meeting
9:00 AM
Shang and Zhou Concepts of Family and Lineage
Maria Khayutina, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany)

10/22/2021 Online Meeting
9:00 AM


11/19/2021 Online Meeting
8:00 AM
Collecting and Disseminating Technical Knowledge
Rens Krijgsman, Tsinghua University (China)

12/10/2021 Online Meeting
9:00 AM
The Han River as the Central Axis and the Predominance of Water: Questioning the Claim of “No Chu-related Traits” in the View of Terrestrial Space in the Rong Cheng shi Manuscript (4th c. BCE)
Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann, National Centre for Scientific Research (France) and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Germany)