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Historically, the global health agenda has prioritized communicable and non-communicable diseases other than mental health; however, the data now unequivocally and overwhelmingly point to the essential need to make mental health an integral component of the global health agenda.  This will require innovative thinking, multidisciplinary collaboration, and strategic initiatives.  The GMH University Seminar is supported by faculty from across multiple departments at Columbia; it provides the opportunity for intellectual discourse on the essential issues in global mental health, and it serves as a seminal component of the multidisciplinary program in global mental health at Columbia University.

The GMH University Seminar aims to facilitate professional collaborations and contribute to the field by hosting programs that address and advance the scientific, policy, and practical aspects of making mental health a core component of the global health agenda.

Claire Greene

Katheyn L. Lovero

Isabelle-Maria Arusilor

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