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This seminar addresses various human rights issues at monthly meetings, sometimes by designating a theme to be followed during the entire academic year. The topics cover international and domestic areas of concern and reflect problems of both conceptualization and application. Emphasis is also placed on dialogue between advocates of western and non-western ideas and practices. This year, the Columbia University Human Rights Seminar is focusing on Implementation of Human Rights Norms: Challenges and Prospects.

Professor George J. Andreopoulos

Professor Yasmine Ergas (on leave)

Elya Assayag

Meeting Schedule

10/04/2021 Online Meeting
6:30 PM
Challenges to the application of human rights norms: the hard case of North Korea
David Hawk, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea and University of South Florida

02/07/2022 Online Meeting
6:30 PM
Rights Beyond Words: Mapping Human Rights Scholar-Organization Partnerships
Zehra Arat, University of Connecticut

Shareen Hertel, University of Connecticut

03/07/2022 Online Meeting
6:30 PM
Cities for CEDAW: Opportunities and Obstacles for Glocal Feminist Advocacy
Anne Runyan, University of Cincinnati

Rebecca Sanders, University of Cincinnati

04/04/2022 Online Meeting
7:00 PM
To Keep the Sky from Falling: The Epic of Indigenous Environmentalism in Brazil
Tracy D. Guzman, University of Miami

Discussant: Rafael Ioris, University of Denver

Notes: Joint meeting with the seminar on Brazil