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This seminar serves as an interdisciplinary forum on all aspects and periods of Irish culture. Seminar participants come from a wide variety of fields: history, literature, art history, film studies, political science, sociology, anthropology, music, and folklore. These scholars bring to any topic under discussion a diversity of background which is stimulating and informative for all present. The concern for Irish studies as a field of scholarly inquiry is reflected in the collegial sharing of information about resources and repositories for research in the field.

Professor Mary McGlynn

Professor Seamus O’Malley

Anna Krauthamer

Meeting Schedule

03/18/2022 Online Meeting
1:30 PM
Suffrage and citizenship in Ireland, 1912-18
Senia Pašeta, Oxford University (England, UK)

05/06/2022 Faculty House, Columbia University
8:00 PM
All Aboard the Abortion Pill Train: Activism, Medicine, and Reproductive Technologies in Ireland
Brenna McCaffrey, CUNY Graduate Center