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The Korean Studies Seminar is an interdisciplinary forum that brings together scholars, artists, and professionals working on Korea-related subjects from a wide variety of disciplines: history, literature, art history, visual and media studies, architecture, religion, sociology, anthropology, music, and performance studies. The seminar discusses current research and issues in the study of Korea drawn from the dynamic intellectual community in and around New York City.

Professor Ksenia Chizhova

Professor Jae Won Chung

Professor Jenny Wang Medina

Ruby Stewart-Liberty

Meeting Schedule

02/10/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:30 PM
Korean Studies and Public Outreach
Linda Tobash, The Korea Society

04/07/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
Boundless Winds of Empire: Rhetoric and Ritual in Early Chosŏn Diplomacy with Ming China
Sixiang Wang, UCLA



Sixiang Wang, Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA, will discuss his forthcoming book, Boundless Winds of Empire, a cultural history of diplomacy that traces Chosŏn’s rhetorical and ritual engagement with China. Chosŏn drew on classical Chinese paradigms of statecraft, political legitimacy, and cultural achievement. It also paid regular tribute to the Ming court, where its envoys composed paeans to Ming imperial glory. Wang argues these acts were not straightforward affirmations of Ming domination; instead, they concealed a subtle and sophisticated strategy of diplomatic and cultural negotiation. He shows how Korea’s rulers and diplomats inserted Chosŏn into the Ming Empire’s legitimating strategies and established Korea as a stakeholder in a shared imperial tradition. Boundless Winds of Empire recasts a critical period of Sino-Korean relations through the Korean perspective, emphasizing Korean agency in the making of East Asian international relations.