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This seminar addresses subjects of common interest to all branches of medieval studies. The seminar particularly encourages interdisciplinary topics and approaches, which will stimulate discussions of issues in the study of medieval culture. One of the great advantages of the seminar is that it brings together representatives of medieval disciplines, from Columbia and elsewhere, who otherwise would have only rare opportunities to talk about questions of common interest.

Professor Neslihan Şenocak

Professor Hannah Weaver

Emma Hitchcock

All seminars will continue to meet virtually through Fall 2021. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Meeting Schedule

10/15/2021 Online Meeting
1:00 PM
'Modern' Saints, Competing Orders and Comparative Iconographies: The Representation of Mendicant Saints from Francis of Assisi to Elzéar de Sabran
Julian Gardner, University of Warwick (England, UK)


The changing nature of sanctity and the emerging procedures for official canonization are reviewed. Alterations to the Lower Church profoundly affected the representation of Francis' life and achievements at Assisi. The unplanned aspects of the fresco cycle of Saint Francis in the Upper Church are considered in the context of contemporary attempts by other mendicant Orders to promote their saints. The Preachers commemorated Dominic in a marble shrine at Bologna. The Augustinian Friars, lacking a 'modern' founding saint, endeavoured unsuccessfully to secure the canonization of Nicholas of Tolentino, and secondarily, Agostino of Tarano. Louis of Toulouse was canonized soon after his death because of Angevin lobbying and papal acquiescence. The Milanese shrine of Peter Martyr may be considered a Dominican riposte. Thomas Aquinas raised particular iconographic problems for which the Dominicans provided various solutions, in Pisa and Florence. Consideration of Elzéar de Sabran, a lay aristocrat who became the third Franciscan saint in 1369 concludes the discussion.

11/12/2021 Online Meeting
12:00 PM

Shane Bobrycki, University of Vienna (Austria)

12/10/2021 Online Meeting
1:00 PM

Elizabeth Tyler, University of York (England, UK)

03/03/2022 Location TBD
5:30 PM

Carissa Harris, Temple University

03/31/2022 Location TBD
5:30 PM

Abigail Balbale, New York University

04/28/2022 Location TBD
5:30 PM

Chris Chism, University of California, Los Angeles