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New Directions in African Diaspora Studies is an interdisciplinary forum that brings together scholars, artists, and professionals who will study, share and exchange knowledge on the research and pedagogy of African Diaspora studies, and how both have transformed in recent years. In its first iteration, this workshop will focus on Europe and the Caribbean; discussing new and existing research projects that highlight the significance of these regions to both European and African Diaspora studies.

Rochelle Malcolm

Professor Natasha Lightfoot

Kevin Beltou

Meeting Schedule

09/24/2021 Online Meeting
3:30 PM

Christienna Fryar, Goldsmiths, University of London (England, UK)

10/29/2021 Online Meeting
3:30 PM

Tiffany Florvil, University of New Mexico

02/04/2022 Online Meeting
3:30 PM

Lorgia García-Peña, Tufts University

03/04/2022 Location TBD
3:30 PM

Valika Smeulders, Rijksmuseum (Netherlands)

03/25/2022 Location TBD
3:30 PM

Maboula Soumahoro, University of Tours (France)

05/06/2022 Location TBD
3:30 PM

Olivette Otele, University of Bristol (England, UK)