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This seminar undertakes a wide-ranging consideration of the city—its history, functions, problems, and glories. Sessions are devoted to urban cultural and social history, and to the meaning of physical form and landscape of both American and world-wide cities. The heterogeneous nature of the seminar’s membership is reflected in the variety of subjects that the meetings address.

Professor Lisa Keller

Nataly Shahaf

Meeting Schedule

10/13/2021 Online Meeting
5:30 PM
Screening of "The Automat"
Lisa Hurwitz, Film Director

11/17/2021 Online Meeting
5:30 PM
Trading Floors, Back Offices, and the Transformation of Wall Street, 1960-2001
Aaron Shkuda, Princeton University

01/19/2022 Online Meeting
5:30 PM
Roundtable: The Museum in the Time of Covid
Raymond Codrington, Weeksville Heritage Center

Sarah Henry, Museum of the City of New York

Annie Polland, Tenement Museum

02/24/2022 Online Meeting
5:30 PM
The Great American Transit Disaster: Austerity, Autocentric Planning, and White Flight
Nicholas Dagen Bloom, Hunter College, City University of New York

03/23/2022 Online Meeting
5:30 PM
The Far West End of 42nd Street and How Decrepitude Disappeared
Carole Krinksy, New York University

04/27/2022 Online Meeting
5:30 PM
meeting cancelled